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Discourage snake charmers

Jul 28, 2017 10:00 by Ramya Ravilla
Discourage snake charmers

Discourage snake charmers! They know very well how to make money by exploiting our belief. Cobras are caught several weeks before the festival of Nagpanchami, their mouths are stitched, fangs and teeth are broken, they are locked up in dark, unhygenic baskets for several days, they are offered no food or water, haldi, kumkum and other irritants are sprinkled on them, forced to drink fluids (milk) that they can not digest, they are roughed up and tortured to show their hoods at each and every devotees house. How much more can these reptiles handle? They really cant and suffer a slow, agonizing death. Heres ur opportunity to be a Friend of Snakes - if u spot a snake charmer, inform the local Forest Department, NGOs working for snakes conservation or even the nearest Police Station. Nagpanchami falls on 27th and 28th July 2017. Spread this message to as many as possible and lets save them together.

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