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Technology and Development are ViceVersa

Nov 19, 2016 07:40 by Admin Admin
Technology and Development are ViceVersa

           Technology and Development are Vice-Versa....

If there is any New development or Innovation in Technology it states that we are developing.

                  All the New inventions and New Technological developments are made with a good intention and for best usage in a good manner. But now the most bothering issue is, if any new technology is invented, within no time a loop hole is also invented and using the new technology for bad deeds. With this in most of the cases people are pointing out about technology like " These TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS are the main causes for bad deeds ". NO, while inventing it is made for our Future and further development of our country, its people who are misusing it.

               Hence its not the Technology who has to stop developing, its people who has to start developing in a right direction. If we are anti for development we would have still been without all these facilities and luxuries.

               Our Fore Father's Studied " India is developing Country" and Even today our Children are also still Studying " India is Developing Country ". Hence atleast now if we think that Our Grand Childern should study " India is DEVELOPED COUNTRY" please use the Technological developments for the Best development of our country and don't spoil its True Value.

Jai Hind

Akanksha Nandan



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