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Feb 09, 2017 08:27 by Admin Admin

       The moment when we hear the word EMPTY we think of blank things or a glass or a white paper or any plain dark background... Why is it so? Did we ever think on it...!!! That’s the psychological effect on our brain that acts when we hear or use some words.

          In this context I would like to emphasize on the advantages of Emptiness. Have you anytime noticed the beauty of emptiness? Emptiness is the only thing which can fit the other things. For example take an empty glass in which you can fill what ever you want, if the glass is already full you cant even add a drop to it. Hence in the same manner if we are empty at some point we have to grab the advantage and fill the space with the best possible knowledge into it. Knowledge is the only thing no one can steal from us. The more knowledge we gain the more wise we become. But gaining knowledge doesn’t make us wise, the more we utilize our gained knowledge the more we become wise. Hence its not how much you know its about how much we follow.

           Emptiness is not that we are lost somewhere, we should think that we are free, so don’t be ideal. Our body and mind should have some work all the time then only we can live our life in correct synchrony. So its better to improve our empty space so that we can fill it with new knowledge. Spend time on learning and later spend time on implementing your learning’s.

          The more busy you are, the more successful you become, but success can never be calculated with penny peanuts you earn. Success means Self Satisfaction, Truth, Honesty, Love… when you are busy with the work you love to do it will give you self satisfaction, when you are true to yourself and to others you are great that’s your success, being honest is not an easy job but when you can do that you are successful, love yourself and share love that’s ultimate living. All these characters make you and prove you are successful.

         Hence never bother about emptiness, fill it with the right knowledge and lead life in the right direction, then your foot steps will be the definition for success.


Akanksha Nandan


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