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CM defends TRS men as members of Rythu Samanvaya Samithis

Nov 13, 2017 19:18 by Admin Admin
CM defends TRS men as members of Rythu Samanvaya Samithis

Stating that the TRS activists fought for achievement of separate Telangana State and faced several hardships, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao today made it clear that the government would appoint TRS activists as members of Rythu Samanvaya Samithis (RSS). Also making it clear that the Rs 8,000 per acre for two seasons will be given to only original farmers but not to the tenant farmer, he said the government will remove the landless from the Rythu Samanvaya Samithis.

Giving a reply to the short discussion on ‘Rs 8000 per acre to farmers and Rythu Samanvaya Samithis (RSS)’ on Monday in the Assembly, the Chief Minister alleged that the previous united Andhra Pradesh governments adopted criminal negligence towards Telangana farmers. Refuting the allegations of the Congress party and TDP that there was no need of RSS, the Chief Minister questioned the TDP member Sandra Venkata Veeraiah why the previous TDP government had appointed Rythu Mitra Teams in the year 2003. He also asked Congress party member G Chinna Reddy why then Dr YS Rajashekar Reddy government appointed Adarsha Rythu Committees and Indiramma Committees. He alleged that suicides of farmers occurred though there were Rythu Mitra Teams and Adarsha Rythu Committees in the State.

Telangana has to get 1300 TMCFT of water but never concentrated then governments on utilisation of allocated waters. The then governments never removed the silt even in four tanks out of 45,600 tanks and the farmers never got 9 hour power, he alleged and said that these were the best examples to say that the previous governments showed criminal negligence towards Telangana agriculture.

Stating that the TRS government was moving uniformly in implanting the schemes, the Chief Minister alleged that the previous governments showed sheer negligence towards agriculture and the revenue records were also not updated. He said that the TRS government was implementing the 24-hour free power supply to the agriculture sector on experimental basis for the last six days. The government was allocating Rs.5384 crore to supply free 24-hour power to the agriculture sector from January 1, 2018 onwards, he urged the farmers to remove auto-starters immediately.

He said that the ground water level will be decreased if used auto-starters and condemned the Congress member N Uttam Kumar Reddy’s claim that the government didn’t bear the interest of loan waiver scheme. Finding fault with the Congress party for going Courts to obstruct the construction of projects, KCR said that the TRS government was appointing the RSSs with TRS activists to continue the development.The Chief Minister made it clear that the RSSs will not interfere in Revenue issue like purification of land records etc.

           “The people would not believe in Congress party activists as they did nothing to the farmers more so they are approaching Courts to stop the projects”, he said. Asking the Congress member Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka whether the government should publish Bhatti’s photo on farmers’ passbooks instead of Chief Minister’s, KCR said that the TRS government’s priority was to complete the irrigation projects and provide water to tail end farmers too. The government will make Rangareddy, Mahabubnagar district green and provide quality 24-hour free power supply. The government will control the spurious seed and provide quality seed. It has appointed AEOs and divided the state as 5000 clusters to look after crop colonies. The RSSs would play key role in crop colonies.

The government will provide training to 1000 agriculture officers in Israel and they will tell the farmers to what crop will be cultivated. The government will set up corporation to purchase the crop when the businessmen didn’t provide minimum support price (MSP). The RSSs will intervene and advises farmers to sell their crop to the Corporation.

Making it clear that the government will not give Rs.8000 to tenant farmers, KCR said that the government was thinking about original farmers not about tenant farmers. The government was encouraging greenhouses to cultivate vegetables around the city, he informed and said that the RSSs will be filled with the committed TRS activists.

At this juncture, the Congress party member G Chinna Reddy alleged that the government transformed RSSs into TRS village committees and hence the Congress was protesting the government attitude and staging walkout. The Congress members left the House.

Reacting on it, the Chief Minister alleged that the Congress members staged walkout for their political future. The TRS government did several things in short period like creating new districts, he explained and said that the people were observing everything and will teach a lesson to them if they committed mistake. 

Earlier, Congress member G Chinna Reddy alleged that the TRS government was filling RSSs with non-farmers and they were looking like TRS committees. He also objected to the Chief Minister for using 'Criminal Negligence' word. Chinna Reddy demanded that the government withdraw G.O.No. 39 and 42. He also asked the government to fill the RSSs with real farmers. 

NVVS Prabhakar from BJP, Sandra Venkata Veeraiah from TDP, Sunnam Rajaiah from CPM and members from TRS and MIM also participated in the discussion.

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