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Vedic Mathematics Indias gift to the world By Gayathri

Jul 08, 2020 22:16 by Admin Admin
Vedic Mathematics Indias gift to the world By Gayathri

Vedic Mathematics, an ancient system of mathematics based on sixteen Sanskrit mathematical formulae/sutras Atharva Veda, can be used to solve any mathematical problem whether it’s arithmetic, algebra, geometry, or trigonometry mentally! As the sutras were passed down over time, they were lost. However, thankfully, Jagadguru Swami Sri Bharati Krishna Tirtha ji Maharaja, the Shankaracharya of Govardhan Mutt in Puri between 1911 and 1918, re- discovered them.

Vedic Mathematics is more than 10-15 times faster than the conventional mathematics. How do we say this? You can test it yourself.  We tested a normal student to calculate 9998 x 9997. He took 85 seconds to compute the answer correctly whereas with the Vedic Method of Multiplication, he could do it in about 5 seconds. Not only did he become more confident in his ability, bubbling with energy and high self-esteem, but he also wanted to solve more problems, showing a remarkable increase in his interest.

Twenty years ago, during my final year of engineering, newspaper articles on Vedic Mathematics published by a local newspaper drew my attention. My fascination towards the subject gradually developed and I sought materials so that I could teach myself the subject.

In 2010, while I was volunteering for Jeeyar Educational Trust, I volunteered in both technical development as well as in daily activities. When they started a summer camp for the first time in Chicago area, I introduced Vedic Mathematics in addition to their customary activities: shlokas, bhajans, music, and art. Impressed with my work, Shri HH China Jeeyear Swamy, a Hindu spiritual guru, wanted me to write a book on Vedic Mathematics so that he could introduce it to his Vedic students at ashrama.  With this great opportunity, I authored the book Vedic Math Made Easyin 2016 and dedicated it to him. I proceeded to design Vedic Math course curriculum, prepare material, and train others through the train-the-trainer program for both Jeeyar Educational Trust and later, North South Foundation. 

From there, I was able to educate over 1000 students, train more than 100 coaches, conduct classes for 32 different camps and events, and provide services for seven different organizations.

I wish to continue my journey of spreading this Divine treasure which India has to offer to the world.

Gayathri is an Electronics and Communication engineering grade from OU.  She has master’s in computer science from UIUC.  She has done further studies in Data Science at John Hopkins University.  Her passion for STEM has led her to learn subject like Vedic Math. In fact, in her spare time, Gayathri also wrote several articles on Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Embedded Systems.

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