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Measles-Rubella vaccine for children from Aug. 17 to 25: Minister

Aug 11, 2017 18:57 by Admin Admin

Health Minister Dr C Lakshma Reddy today said preventive steps will help people get rid of Measles and Rubella through timely vaccination for children from nine months age. 

A drive of vaccination will be conducted from August 17 to 25 as part of nationwide campaign to root out the problem by 2020, he said and claimed that Telangana is No 1 in this regard. The parents should administer their children with additional dose of vaccination though they got earlier, the minister appealed. 

Lakshma Reddy released an awareness poster on the Measles and Rubella vaccination here to root out the haphazard health problems among children of that age. There are about 90 lakh children with the problem in Telangana of that age group are there is an urgent need to take the vaccination to prevent the recurrence of the problem. Steps are taken for the vaccination at government and private schools, outside, Anganwadi centers, government hospitals, primary health centers. He also allayed fears among the people that Measles and Rubella vaccination will not cause any side-effects and there might be a little scope for rise in temperature. Telangana is No 1 in administering the vaccination among the children as Prime Minister Narendra Modi appreciated us for achieving 90 per cent of target so far while it was 68 per cent on getting the statehood.

Of 650 districts across the country, as many as 108 districts are lagging behind in this regard, excluding our State, he claimed. This is due to advance steps taken to prevent it and MR vaccination will be offered replacing Measles and Rubella in future, he said. Since 1985, this vaccination is being used and there are no complaints of side effects though it was taken in private hospitals and elsewhere. As many as 3.3 crore of children were administered so far with the vaccination in Karnataka, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Goa, Pondichchery and Lakshadweep. Protect the children through the vaccination for healthy Telangana and healthy India, he added. 

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