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Education, Health and safety best gift for girl child CP asks girls to come out boldly against eve-teasing

Oct 11, 2017 10:14 by Admin Admin

What is the best gift that the girl-child can expect on the eve of the International Girl Child Day on October 11? Perhaps the top three priorities could be education, health and safety. 

In the country with an estimated population of 134 crore, 48.5 per cent are women and of them a large percentage will be girls. Beginning with a skewed gender ratio of more boys compared to girls, the disadvantages faced by girls are quite high as on date. Each one of the girls in the country deserves equal opportunities for a better future. They should be free from the scourge of child marriage, sexual harassment, physical exploitation and trafficking, school drop-outs and dowry problems. 

Girls are capable of driving change and in a young country like India, will turn into a strong source of energy and creative power. Hyderabad, with its cosmopolitan face and in a fast growth phase offers good scope for tapping into the talents of Girl child. So, what we need to do is to empower girls with confidence. The first aspect is in pursuing studies, freely moving about in the city and taking part in activities they like. It is imperative that some basic training in self defence techniques are imparted to the girls to boost their self esteem. 

The Hyderabad City Police with its SHE Teams and Bharosa center, which are exclusively focussed on care and concern for women and children is taking a lead role and in coordination with concerned organisations is taking up this responsibility. Given the wide range of discrimination and violence that girls are prone to, it is suggested that girls come forward to voice their grouse, instances of harassment etc boldly. A website has been created specially for this purpose. Through the website #SheTeams4me, girls are encouraged to narrate their problems, strengths, instances of harassment in 500 words with facts and details. The identity will be protected and enough security assured to the volunteers. This feedback on real life experiences will give good insight to formulate strategies to fight the menace and bring it under control.

            Since their formation, SHE teams have being playing a major role in making the travel and movements of girls in Hyderabad safer. Proper monitoring of cabs, important and crowded locations, girls colleges to curtail eve teasing, and surprise checks the city has become a comparatively conducive and safe place for women in general. In this exercise, the role of feedback and suggestions from people is vital. It can help shape better and better strategies to improve security steps.

            The SHE Teams, Hyderabad City Police have received 3,383 complaints up to September 2017. There are a total of 1410 cases booked. Eighty cases were booked under Nirbhaya Act and 50 cases under IPC, 3 in PD Act and 2 under POCSO Act. 355 petty cases have been booked and 61 jailed, while 901 were warned and let off. 

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