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Registration of colleges and students in e pass system

Jan 11, 2018 19:26 by Admin Admin

The State government has issued orders for registration of colleges and students in e-pass system to enable process of the data of Colleges and Students for sanction of scholarships to apply online on the e-pass website from time to time and also opened the e-Pass website for registration of Colleges and students from June 20, 2018for sanction of fresh and renewal of Post Matric Scholarship for the academic year 2017-18, up to November 30.
            The State government has decided to reopen the epass website for registration of Colleges and the students for renewal and fresh Scholarships for a further period from January 11 to February 10. The last date will not be extended under any circumstances. The Colleges and students who have not registered for the scholarship will not be granted further time at a later date. They must complete the registration process by February 10. All the Welfare departments must give wide publicity on the registration process for renewal and fresh scholarships to students and college managements and ensure that the registration process be completed by  February 10, said Dr Buddhaprakash Jyothi, Secretary to government.

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