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Jan 12, 2018 10:24 by Admin Admin

Congress senior leader DK Aruna has demanded the state government advisor G Vivek to tender resignation to the post of president of Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA). She opined that no way Vivek has eligibility to continue in that position. It was shameful on the part of Vivek to state that they will obstruct the BCCI in giving affiliation to Telangana Cricket Association (TCA). 

On Thursday, DK Aruna questioned whether obstructing TCA was nothing but distancing the Telangana youth from the cricket. She asked HCA president to tell as to what was the wrong in trying to get the permission for TCA from BCCI. She reminded that the former Rajya Sabha member late Palvai Goverdhan Reddy established TCA in 1986.

She alleged that HCA never encouraged cricket in rural areas of the Telangana while conducting tournaments. The HCA failed to reach the rural areas even after the formation of the separate Telangana state, she pointed out. She said that Vivek remarks were best example as HCA was vengefully behaving towards TCA. Stating that uncountable corruption allegations were there against HCA and ACB filed cases against HCA alleging that Rs.140 crore scam took place. The HCA was indulging corrupt practices in the name of tournaments without conducting them, she remarked.

She said that there was no encouragement to women cricketers in the Telangana, DK Aruna said that the TCA was striving hard to encourage the rural men and women cricketers in the state. She alleged that Vivek was behaving unilaterally while implementing family rule in HCA. She warned that she will raise HCA issue in Assembly and made it clear that Vivek has the responsibility of answering to the developments taking place in HCA. She firmly said that they will strive to get the recognition of the BCCI to the TCA soon. She alleged that Vivek was indulging in making allegations against TCA which was getting good response from the people. 

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