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Haryana Gau Seva Aayog chairman Bhani Ram Mangla

Feb 12, 2018 17:26 by Admin Admin

Haryana Gau Seva Aayog chairman Bhani Ram Mangla on Monday announced that a grant of 90 per cent would be given on equipment used for making products from cow dung and cow urine. Mangla said the grant would be given on equipment used to make flowerpots, soaps, lamps, dhoop and other items from cow urine and cow dung. He said that biogas plants will also be established in gaushalas.

He added that a fine of Rs 5,100 would be imposed on those abandoning milch cows. For this purpose, a mobile application is being prepared. The application would reveal information about the place and district of the animal concerned on the basis of a tag number.

According to the Aayog chairman, Gau Seva Kendras will be established in villages for the “safety of gauvansh” and the government would give financial assistance for this purpose. The registration of these seva kendras would be mandatory and a committee of learned persons would be constituted for its functioning, he said. The Aayog would give a lump sum of Rs 5,000 annually for rearing of each cow. He was speaking at a function organised to distribute cheques of financial aid to gaushalas in Bhiwani on Monday. He distributed cheques worth about  Rs 26.50 lakh to 24 gaushalas.

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