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the prices of the tickets to the High Court

May 08, 2019 04:21 by Admin Admin

Srinivas Yadav, director of the cinematography department, said, "Telangana government is not allowed to raise ticket rates.  Yesterday, the heads of theater owners had made the decision to increase the prices of the tickets to the High Court.  .  . 

The petition will be filed in court on the price hike of cinema tickets.  Home Affairs, Law and Order, Film Development Corporation, MD and officials have discussed this issue.  The increase in ticket prices is a government decision.  The people also said that the ticket rates should be lower if they watch the movie.  The government did not intend to bother the audience. 

The government has appointed a committee on how to price cinema prices, committee report  The procedure was stalled after the general election was sent to the cabinet for approval, the minister said.

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