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What is Crazy E News?

Crazy E News refers to the use of web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. In other words it's a very powerful business tool that allows 2-way communication.

Why should I share?

There are many statistics covering social media that will convince you that Social media isn't a fad, but most importantly it's a fundamental shift in the way we communicate in today's global market place.

My own social media?

Knowledge of social media is important but embarking on the time consuming activity of doing your own social media may be a mistake and one important question to ask yourself is this: "could my valuable time be better utilized elsewhere", often the answer is YES.

Do people trust in social media more than traditional media?

Traditional media still has a place in today's business world, but the advent of social media channels has been a major development to blogging. People will now choose to get their daily news and information from blogs rather than traditional media sources primarily because blogs are more personal and give the reader more in depth details on the subject at hand.

How are negative issues handled?

The first reaction to a negative comment is to become defensive or to just ignore the comment and hope it all goes away. However a negative comment is an opportunity for you to turn a negative into a positive. It allows you to solve an issue before the eyes of people who don't have a problem and thus reassure them that if they ever do get a problem with your brand, that you are responsive. A negative comment can be the best thing that happens to you IF you handle the issue delicately, intelligently, quickly and most importantly, publicly.

success of social media?

Driving traffic Information & right to share Generating leads Revenue generation

What do I do next?

Participate & Educate

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